[Review] THE LOST IDENTITY CASUALTIES by Kim Ekemar, 1/5

This review first appeared on and was written for OnlineBookClub.org. It has been trimmed here and the rating has been adjusted for a 5-star system, which is more common.

Kim Ekemar’s The Lost Identity Casualties was too painful to read but even more painful to finish. First of all, this book was all about revenge. There were gory and violent scenes that called for proper trigger warnings. And if my memory serves me right, there were none.

Second, it was downright sexist. This book is dripping with testosterone and sure, there were a few women in the story but all of them were merely shadows.

I honestly am very generous when it comes to ratings but this one crossed the line more than once and I am so curious how this book even won an award. I should have known better than to finish it but I did commit in writing a review so here we are.

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