[Review] THE MCCOYS BEFORE THE FEUD by Thomas McCoy, 2/5

This review first appeared on and was written for OnlineBookClub.org. It has been slightly edited here and the rating has been adjusted for a 5-star system, which is more common.

This book is about a family’s passion and cooperation. It was interesting at first, but when the outcome of the succeeding events turned out to be the same as the last ones, I knew this was something I won’t enjoy.

The McCoys were a group of kinfolk from the South who wanted to reclaim the riches stolen from them by the Northern soldiers during the war in the late 1800s. Tommy, together with his father, Thomas Sr., led the rest of the men in this pursuit. This book was written by a direct McCoy descendant and I think he has done well on his research. The names of the characters and the war itself were real, but the raids and the rest of the story, however, were fictional. 

To be honest, I was never a fan of historical fiction so I tried to pick this one for a change. I think I will be reading more historical fiction from now on but I hope the next ones I read would not be as predictable as this one. I would still recommend this book though, especially to those who like strategy and action. I believe others may find it more exciting than I did.

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