[Review] DEVIL IN FALSE COLORS by Jack Winnick, 4/5

Everything was under control and so far, peace has been maintained, until five Jewish kids were beheaded and a rabbi was gruesomely murdered in Los Angeles. Two special Jewish agents, Uri Levin and Lara Edmond, were immediately called and tasked to bring down the Muslim terrorist group behind all these hate crimes. These two have been together in a couple of assignments before and were also romantically involved. This new assignment nearly ten years later excites and scares the both of them not only because of how dangerous this can be but also because of the repressed feelings they have all these years. Will they be able to track down the people responsible for these acts of terror? Will their romance be rekindled or will they be killed in this operation?

This book deals with overly sensitive topics such as religion and terrorism. Most of it were indeed hard to swallow but somehow, the author’s writing style made it easy and quick to read. The book was thrilling and hard to put down.

The intensive research that made this book possible was remarkable. I’d honestly say that I learned more from reading this book than just watching the news. I believe this book is not only informative but also argumentative. It will show you how narrow-mindedness can lead to violence, and it will urge you to be more loving of the people who don’t have the same beliefs as yours. This book will also tell you, however, that there are some values that are not up for debate.

On a lighter note, I’d say that the love story of Uri and Lara was a killer (no pun intended)! It was slow yet sultry, and their romantic scenes were a good break amidst all the violence going on. This is a wonderful story of love and espionage and I would definitely recommend this to action and suspense lovers. TW: gore, hate crimes, religious extremism, and rape.

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