[Review] THE SOUND OF SPRING by G.X. Chen, 4/5

Du Chun Ming and Fang Si Jun fall in love in the time of China’s Cultural Revolution. They are factory co-workers and have been dating for four years now. Chun Ming’s family upholds their political values and is not afraid to share their educated opinions. Si Jun’s family, on the other hand, had fallen victim to the oppressive government in the past. This makes him re-evaluate his actions. From being a principled man, he has become a coward who would rather choose to please everyone than take sides. He would even betray his friends in the name of saving his own ass.

This is a short read but the story punched right through my heart. History seems to repeat itself as the outpour of sentiments and events that happened in Shanghai back then do not vary much to what we are facing right now. People are either oblivious or would deliberately choose comfort than passion and truth. This book is a good reminder that everyone needs to take a stand because being silent and neutral never helped anyone but the oppressor.

I don’t read a lot of historical fiction but I’d say that this is my favorite so far. Aside from the enriching values, the conflicted romance was written well. It had the right amount of cheese and tension, and I love it! All the emotions felt real and the plot was amazing. Trigger warnings include politics, heartbreak, and death.

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