[Blog Tour + Review] OLIVER DOLIVER'S DINOSAUR COMES TO STAY by Papa Perkins, 3 out of 5 stars

About the Book

Title: Oliver Doliver’s Dinosaur Comes to Stay
Author: Papa Perkins
Release Date: 6th February 2020
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 20
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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Oliver Doliver (who is really just Oliver but he does like having both names) will be mostly Oliver in this story. Oliver is six years (and one month) old and has a friend who is a Dinosaur called Aya Buddn.

This is the story of how they met!

And more adventures will follow.



This picture book has cute and simple graphics accompanying the narrative in every turn of the page. Short but sweet, this story about a unique yet touching friendship is perfect for children’s bedtime stories or study breaks. This is just the beginning, and there will be more adventures from Oliver and his dinosaur buddy. Hopefully, these next adventures will include more activities and teach more interesting lessons.


About the Author


Mark Perkins was born in 1951 and spent his career in art.

He is married and lives in Poole with his wife, Avril. They have 3 children and 7 grand-children.

He and Avril bred Burmilla cats for 20 years and they still have 6 for company, along with two miniature dachshunds, two snakes, bantams and a few rather lovely pond fish.

Following schooling near Poole and in Wimborne Minster in Dorset, he attended Bournemouth College of Art for four years and followed this by gaining a teaching certificate from Bretton Hall College in Yorkshire where he met Avril.

Returning to Dorset, Mark took up a post in an advertising studio in Bournemouth and remained there as creative director until 1991 at which time he found teaching art more rewarding and began teaching art to students from ages 12-18.

As well as being a teacher he was elected to full membership of the CSD Chartered Society of Designers in 1983 after 10 years in professional practice.

He produced designs for advertising, print and all forms of graphic communication. He specialized latterly in the design and production of large exhibition stands for national and international clients.

Ill-health forced Mark into retirement in 2000, which gave him the chance of pursuing his own interest in drawing and painting for his pleasure; much of which was contained in many sketchbooks, avoiding the necessity of explaining his thoughts to others in a public arena.

Throughout the past few years he has moved from abstract concepts into the more satisfying world of the printed book for children. His printed works include Alphabetcats, A Nature Diary, several volumes of the work of Lesley Anne Ivory and latterly ‘Words, Works & Worlds’ – a compendium of pages from his sketchbooks.

However of all of these, it is writing for children which inspires him most, and even now as he considers the thought of being 70, he reckons it’s not too late to discover what he perhaps should have begun 20 years ago.


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[Blog Tour + Review] COFFEE TRAVELLER by Fahad Ben. G, 3⚝

About the Book

Title: Coffee Traveller
Author: Fahad Ben G.
Release Date: 29th October 2019
Genre: Poetry
Page Count: 140
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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A collection of musings about travel, life, love, family, relationships, the future and growing up in Saudi Arabia, by the author and poet Fahad Ben G.


Sample Poem

Invisible lines tie me to you whether I like it or not.

No matter how much I travel away from you, no matter how far we are, and no matter how different our roads are;

No matter how distinct our stations are, and no matter how your routes and mine are different;

The invisible lines continue to tie me to you.

Constant they are… they exceed the multitude of people between you and me.

Tense they are… indifferent to the laws of the universe or the gravity of Earth.

Unaffected by the amount of rocks and dismal valleys,

That separate my icy mountain from your flaming mountain…



Fahad Ben. G compiles all his poems about love and life as he travels and drinks coffee. This compilation became the poetry book we get to know today as Coffee Traveller. Thanks to Faye at Authoright and Clink Street Publishing for sending me a physical copy in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, I love how the poems are simple and easy to digest. The emotions in every line will hit you right in the feels. The reason why I gave it a 3 and not a 4 is because of the typo errors that distracted me from my reading. I understand that English is not the author’s mother tongue but the book should at least be properly edited, especially for minor grammatical mistakes. And while I don’t really mind recurring themes, I hope that the author did not use the exact same words when writing the next poem. Overall, the pieces written here are relatable, short, and sweet.


About the Author

Fahad Ben. G was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has a Bachelors Degree in English Language Translation from the College of Languages and Translation at King Said University, and a Masters in English Linguistics from Imam Mohammed Bin Said University. Having lived in France and Japan, he finally settled in London in 2017 where he now works in the diplomatic sector.

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[Review] Taking the Lead by Sarah Monk 4/5

Taking the Lead is a great slow-burn romance, perfect for every romantic out there.

This book has a lot of strong female characters which I really loved. From Theo, who found out how happier and better she can be alone than being with someone who doesn’t really complement her, to Blix and Suze who are still rocking their beauty and humor, charming everyone even in their old age.

One more thing I liked about this book is the inclusion of dogs and art. DOGS AND ART. Aside from romance, dogs had been another central theme. I’m sure you will fall in love with Dylan, Tilly, Wilma, Poppy, Eddie, and all the other furry friends mentioned and described in this book.

Art had also been widely discussed because most of the characters have a heart for art; and they are not just spectators, they are artists themselves! Theo is a painter, Jonas is an adept woodworker, Geoffrey was an art history professor and is also a skilled craftsman like Jonas.

You will enjoy the supporting characters as much as the main ones. To be honest, I think I liked the side couples and their character development more than the main pair. Wilko and Clem is such a wonderful match-up. Though I didn’t like the fact that the author paired almost everyone up, at least the relationships didn’t feel forced.

Make sure you have patience when you read this book because as I said, this is a slow-burn romance and the main couple does not meet until the last few chapters. But believe me it’s all worth the wait and will leave you craving for more.


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