[Review] LIGHT OF TRUTH by Sherry Crandell, 4 out of 5 stars

About the Book

Title: Light of Truth (Michelli Family Ties Book 3)
Author: Sherry Crandell
Publisher: SG+ Publishing
Pages: 240 pp.
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christian
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Thirteen-year-old Rocco has lived his whole life with only his mom to lean on. Bruno, his physically and emotionally abusive stepfather, has always been out of the picture. His biological dad has never been a topic for discussion until his mom drags both of them out of Bruno’s house to escape. Soon enough, he meets his wealthy dad’s side of the family at his dad’s funeral. Several hours more and his mom disappears.

Fourteen years later, Rocco has already accepted being a Michelli, but the idea that his mom might still be alive is burning wild in his heart. After having been cheated on by an ambitious girlfriend, he starts to date multiple women with their consent. Despite this, his heart still longs for Libby Cash — that one girl who has truly captivated him in the past. They’re bound to see each other again but this time, will Rocco seize the moment and never let Libby go, or will he let her get married to her disrespectful boss?

Sherry Crandell’s Light of Truth is the third installment in Michelli Family Ties. Though being part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. The book is a light but wonderful Christian read. There are a lot of Christian books out there but this one gets it right. Instead of being preachy and superficial by only throwing verses here and there, it talks more about loving and caring for everyone regardless of background. In general, the story has a typical premise which makes it predictable. The Michelli brothers, aside from Rocco, have no defining characteristics. The romance, however, is written well. Rocco and Libby’s journey is slow-paced and full of tension, making the book even more thrilling to read.


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