[Review] PERNICIOUS PURSUIT by Gary D. McGugan, 4 out of 5 stars

About the Book

Title: Pernicious Pursuit
Author: Gary D. McGugan
Release Date: April 20, 2020 (ebook)
Genre: Thriller, Action
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Howard Knight used to work for and handle the finances of The Organization, an organized crime group, headed by Giancarlo Mareno. He came to his senses, though, and ran away from Mareno’s grip, taking with him ten million euros. This makes him a fugitive but with the help of his most trusted friends, he and his girlfriend, Janet Weissel, have been able to successfully avert Mareno’s eyes. However, even after a couple of years of living warily, Mareno finds him in his residence in the Netherlands and takes him hostage. Luckily for Janet, they have been practicing her getaway in case something like this happens, and is now trying her best to get to Howard’s friend in Germany before the goons find her too.

Gary D. McGugan’s Pernicious Pursuit is a thrilling read that starts with a bang. McGugan doesn’t waste any time and gives the readers whopping action in the first few pages. However, this climactic start loses its magic completely in the next chapters as the pacing slows down. Howard’s capture and Janet’s escape seem to drag longer than necessary. The characterization is great, though; the story is like a huge chessboard with a lot of pawns, but each one of them is well-defined. Even the minor characters are three-dimensional. Also, making Janet a strong and powerful equal of Howard, instead of writing her as a typical damsel in distress, is worthy of commendation. The editing and formatting are also done well as there are no typos present.ย 

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[Review] WAVERLY by Amy Bellamy, 5 out of 5 stars

About the Book

Title: Waverly
Author: Amy Bellamy
Publisher: Independently published (February 27, 2019)
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Amy Bellamy’s Waverly is about the tragic fate of Daniel Porter, a person of color, in the summer of 1936. Sarah Harper is a struggling attorney assistant and graduate student. She works her way out as she balances her job, her research paper, and her efforts to conceive. One day, she relays her scholarly struggles to her grandfather, James. Wanting to help his beloved Sarah, he then suggests taking a look at Daniel Porter’s case, which also happens to be the last public hanging in the US. As soon as Sarah digs into this case, she knows something is definitely not right. But will she be able to right the wrongs once she finds out the truth?

By using multiple points of view, this narrative is able to provide depth to each of the characters. It seamlessly jumps from present to past, and vice versa, as it tells a story based on true events. Complex is the best word to describe this suspense; it gives hints here and there; it shows a lot of possibilities to ponder on, but the ending still remains unexpected. Blood-boiling and frustrating, this book will make you question morals and societal standards. It will haunt you with questions like: What is right? What is accepted? What do people deserve? It provokes not only the heart but also the mind. Typo errors are present, but they are not that distracting. Trigger warnings include a public hanging, pregnancy issues, death of a loved one (including a baby), domestic abuse, alcohol and gambling problems, rape, murder, theft, racial discrimination, dementia, and social injustice.


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[Review] THE LOST IDENTITY CASUALTIES by Kim Ekemar, 1/5

This review first appeared on and was written forย OnlineBookClub.org. It has been trimmed here and the rating has been adjusted for a 5-star system, which is more common.

Kim Ekemar’s The Lost Identity Casualties was too painful to read but even more painful to finish. First of all, this book was all about revenge. There were gory and violent scenes that called for proper trigger warnings. And if my memory serves me right, there were none.

Second, it was downright sexist. This book is dripping with testosterone and sure, there were a few women in the story but all of them were merely shadows.

I honestly am very generous when it comes to ratings but this one crossed the line more than once and I am so curious how this book even won an award. I should have known better than to finish it but I did commit in writing a review so here we are.

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