[Review] Guilt by David Taylor Black 5/5

Guilt by David Taylor Black follows the story of Daniel Harris as he goes back to Hope Town to take a break from his rocky marriage. At the same time, he also wants to make some research for his upcoming book. This is the first installment in Black's Guilt series. This book is so compelling and excruciatingly good,… Continue reading [Review] Guilt by David Taylor Black 5/5


[Blog Tour + Giveaway] Lycan’s Blood Queen by Catherine Edward

About the Book Title: LYCAN’S BLOOD QUEEN (Randolph Duology #1)Author: Catherine EdwardPub. Date: August 22, 2019Publisher: GenZ PublishingFormats: Paperback, eBookPages: 358Find it: Goodreads, Amazon __________________________________________________________ Blurb Aaron George Randolph, ruling King of the Lycans, is hell-bent on revenge for his mother’s brutal death at the hands of Vampires. But when a suspicious student takes up resident on his turf, he can’t help but… Continue reading [Blog Tour + Giveaway] Lycan’s Blood Queen by Catherine Edward

[Review] The Orb by Tara Basi 2/5

Tara Basi's The Orb is a sci-fi novel that talks about the clash of The Church and The Orb Industries. The book brings us to a world who views an alien blue orb as its god. Early on in the story, we meet the Pilgrims who are devoted believers, the Ungodly who do not believe,… Continue reading [Review] The Orb by Tara Basi 2/5

[Review] One Way or Another by Mary J. Williams 3/5

One Way or Another is the first installment in The Sisters Quartet series by Mary J. Williams. It gives us an overview of the four Benedict sisters who are all strong and living to empower themselves and others, but this book mainly focuses on Calder and how she meets and falls in love with Adam.Feminist,… Continue reading [Review] One Way or Another by Mary J. Williams 3/5

[Blog Tour + Giveaway] Temptation by Inara Scott

ReviewTemptation by Inara Scott is about the friendship-slash-repressed attraction between Zoe Riva, a bold and smart lawyer who wants her rightful place in a world dominated by men, and Connor Ashton, a tall yet reserved tech guy who is also one of the founders of Livend Capital. This attraction grows into something explosive, and the… Continue reading [Blog Tour + Giveaway] Temptation by Inara Scott

[Cover Reveal] The Golden Hour by L.M. Halloran

In partnership with InkSlinger PR, I am proud to present to you the cover of the romantic suspense book, The Golden Hour by L.M. Halloran. It will be released this October 10th and the pre-order link is down below. About the Book My name is Finn McCowen, and I want my revenge. Callisto Avellino was… Continue reading [Cover Reveal] The Golden Hour by L.M. Halloran

[Review] The Girl in the Tree by Sebnem Isiguzel 2/5 (Did Not Finish)

From the cover to the blurb, The Girl in the Tree looked promising. I was intrigued and wanted to start reading it right away. However, after about halfway in the first chapter, I realized that the story was all over the place. The narration took a lot of turns that it was hard for me… Continue reading [Review] The Girl in the Tree by Sebnem Isiguzel 2/5 (Did Not Finish)

[Review] The McCoys Before The Feud 2/5

This book is about a family's passion and cooperation. It was interesting at first, but when the outcome of the succeeding events turned out to be the same as the last ones, I knew this was something I won't enjoy. The McCoys were a group of kinfolk from the South who wanted to reclaim the… Continue reading [Review] The McCoys Before The Feud 2/5

[Review] The Reel Sisters by Michelle Cummings 5/5

Wow! After reading a 1-star book before this, I'm so happy that this is the exact opposite and is a whopping 5-star read. I've finished this book several hours ago but I'm still in awe right now, while writing this review.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The Reel Sisters is about five amazing women who do not give up… Continue reading [Review] The Reel Sisters by Michelle Cummings 5/5

[Review] The Lost Identity Casualties by Kim Ekemar 1/5

Kim Ekemar's The Lost Identity Casualties was too painful to read but even more painful to finish. First of all, this book was all about revenge. There were gory and violent scenes that called for proper trigger warnings. And if my memory serves me right, there were none.Second, it was downright sexist. This book is… Continue reading [Review] The Lost Identity Casualties by Kim Ekemar 1/5